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KRUPS KT600 Silver Art Collection 10 European Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel/Chrome Review

The KRUPS KT600 Silver Art Collection 10 European Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel/Chrome is, without a doubt, where style meets quality. Customers will find it refreshing to find a coffee maker that focuses on making delicious coffee and not a variety of functions you don’t need.



  • Very stylish and sleek
  • Focuses on the coffee


  • Slightly expensive
  • No auto on function


The KRUPS KT600 has been available for purchase in various online and retail stores since September 2011.

The KRUPS KT600 was designed for people what want a delicious cup of coffee every time the brew a batch and to have that coffee maker look good in the process. The design is extremely sleek, modern and very stylish. If you have a modern look to your kitchen, the KRUPS KT600 will fit in great.

KRUPS is a well known European manufacturer of coffee makers that like to focus on the details and quality of the parts they use. While other coffee makers are all made in china, KRUPS still uses high skilled workers to make the machines in Europe. The KRUPS KT600 might not have all the functions some coffee makers have, but it brews an amazing cup of coffee every time. By focusing on the brewing process and parts instead of bells and whistles, KRUPS ensured that they created a coffee maker that fulfilled its primary purpose: brew good coffee. The water temperature is brought to 190-195 degrees F, which is the perfect temperature for brewing coffee, and is then evenly spread over the ground beans with a unique shower head spray. With the proper water temperature and soak time all the aroma and flavor is infused into the water, making for a great cup.

Another big advantage of the KRUPS KT600 is the thermal carafe that it uses. Normal coffee makers with a glass carafe use a heater plate to keep the coffee warming after brewing but this ruins the taste. Exterior heat is one of the worst things for brewed coffee and gives it a charred or burned taste. A thermal carafe is insulated to keep the coffee scolding after brewing without the need for a heater plate. Keeps the coffee tasting great and is perfect for long mornings or when entertaining guests. As mentioned before, the design is very sleek but its smart as well. They manufacturers thought of the little things, for example, the water level is indicated on both sides of the coffee maker so it doesn’t need to be facing a specific way. The sleek silver color just looks great in any kitchen, especially if you get the entire set. KRUPS also sells silver edition toaster, citrus press, espresso machine, and electric kettle.

If looks and style are important to you, I would definetally recommend the KRUPS KT600 to you because of its sleek design. However, people simply looking for a good, no nonsense coffee maker will also be extremely please with the KRUPS KT600. From the flawless design to the focus on the brewing process, everything is high quality.

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