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How To Clean A Coffee Maker With Baking Soda

To brew the tastiest and strongest coffee that rivals Starbucks coffee, you need two most essential things. One is clean water and the other is a squeaky clean coffee maker. Yes, a clean coffee maker can make a big difference in the taste of your coffee.

Unfortunately not many of us make the effort to clean the coffee machine regularly. Some don’t clean it for years on end. Just as you maintain cleanliness in all other kitchen utensils and appliances, pay equal attention to how clean your coffee maker is. You are sure to be rewarded by a heavenly tasting brew every single day. Learn more in Fourth Estate Coffee full review of the best tasting coffee maker.


There are many ways to clean the coffee maker. In this post we will see about cleaning a coffee maker using baking soda.

I. How to Clean a Coffee Maker

The first step in cleaning a coffee maker is focusing on the inside part.  This is where scales build up is heavy. Although you can find many descaling powders in the stores, you have to first try the simplest and handiest cleaner at home which is vinegar. Using a mix of water and vinegar will help clean the inside and descale the inner surface easily.

Before you proceed further here is a tip: Scale formation should not occur in your machine in the first place. Since coffee is mostly made of water, the water you use for making the coffee is the culprit here. When you use filtered water rather than tap water you will find the difference in the taste instantly. This will also prevent the scale build up. This is the reason why the coffee in the shops tastes better than the coffee you make at home. When you see to the water and clean up the machine thoroughly you can expect a far better tasting brew.

Steps in cleaning coffee maker using Baking Soda


As one of the commonest ingredients found in the kitchen, baking soda comes in handy for a variety of cleaning jobs.  It serves as a deodorizer for the refrigerator, cleaning the tiles and is also used in various food recipes. It is also the cheapest cleaning agent to use throughout your home.

Now for cleaning a coffee maker you have to use a solution of water and baking soda. This helps to remove the offensive odors and also cleans all the inner systems that make up the coffee pot. Run the solution of baking soda through the coffee maker for a thorough cleaning.

  1. Separate the filter from the coffee maker and keep it aside.
  2. Fill the coffee carafe with one cup of water of lukewarm temperature.
  3. Now add one quarter cup baking soda to water in the carafe. Mix the ingredients well in the carafe until the soda dissolves completely.
  4. Now pour the water and baking soda solution inside the tank present in the coffee machine. Place the coffee pot in its position just as you would when you are making coffee.
  5. Switch the machine on and let it run a whole cycle. You will soon see the dirty solution with water and baking soda collect in the carafe as the cleaning occurs.
  6. Now discard the dirt filled water and wash your coffee pot.
  7. Now fill the tank with clean water. And switch the machine on. Run it for a complete cycle. If you find the water filling the carafe is still dirty, you have to go through the cleaning process with the water again.

Completing the above steps every two weeks to four weeks will keep your coffee machine clean and in proper working condition. Most importantly the coffee would taste really great.

II. Coffee maker cleaning tips

Here are a few tips for a more thorough cleaning of the coffee maker:

For stubborn stains

For any stubborn stains, you can sprinkle some baking soda on the stain and scrub it out. This will help in removing stale coffee odors.

To clean thoroughly

There are certain spots in a coffee machine that can influence the flavor of the coffee. You need to focus on keeping such spots clean. Here are the spots you should pay extra attention to:

Water spout: The spout that sprays water over the coffee bean grind has to be cleaned thoroughly. Use a damp and clean cloth to wipe the head.

Coffee spout: The spout through which the coffee pours out which is present over the carafe should also be cleaned in the same way as the water spout.

While you concentrate on cleaning the inside, don’t forget to clean the outside. Cleaning the outer surface makes the coffee maker look clean and neat.

III. Which areas does baking soda clean the best

While baking soda can be used for cleaning the exterior and interior parts of the coffee maker, it is best to use it for cleaning stains in your carafe and on the exterior surface. The baking soda helps to remove tough coffee stains in your carafe. And it smells good too.

Another alternative to try, for cleaning the interior of the coffee machine, is using vinegar. Unlike baking soda which has the risk of clogging up the machine, vinegar helps to descale the machine in the best way possible. It acts on the lime scale and calcium deposits and removes them effectively from the water tubes and the heating element.

IV. Final thoughts

Although you have several different types of cleaning agents in the stores, baking soda is a handy, safe and cheap cleaner that you can try first. Cleaning with baking soda is a simple and effective method that you can do in no time and without any added effort or hassle. Make sure you use the above cleaning process once in two weeks to keep the machine clean and get the best tasting coffee every day. Remember that cleaning the coffee maker should not be a task that is done once in a year or few years. Since you use it almost every day and even multiple times a day, you should ensure it is clean so you get a tasty and aromatic brew always.

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